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How to Fix a Leaky Tap: A Guide for Stoke Plumbers

Tired of dealing with a dripping tap? There's no need to keep putting up with it! In this guide, we'll show you how to easily fix your leaky tap and provide some tips for preventing future leaks. Let's get started and kick that pesky drip goodbye.

To start resolving a leaky tap, you first need to identify why it's leaking. Usually, it’s either because the washer has worn out or an O-ring is no longer functioning correctly. Plus, there may be mineral build up causing issues as well. When you've determined the source of your problem, repair work can commence! If a worn out washer appears to be the culprit here then this must promptly be swapped for a new one in order to stop any leaks and get that tap back working optimally again.

If you're looking for a new washer, your local hardware store is the perfect place to shop! Washers are very budget-friendly and easy to replace. All you have to do is switch off the water supply valve, unscrew the handle from its base and remove any existing washer. Then slip in your replacement part before reassembling everything back together again!

If your tap is not functioning correctly, it may need a new O-ring. Locate the stem of your tap and unscrew it to remove the old one. Put in its place a fresh O-ring, then reattach the stem for optimal performance!

Eradicating mineral build-up is a breeze - simply submerge the tap in vinegar or CLR (calcium, lime and rust remover) for several hours and voila! The difficulty you were facing with the tap handle should now be eliminated effortlessly.

After you have completed the necessary repairs, it's essential to check if the tap is still dripping. If so, then don't hesitate in contacting a professional Stoke plumber for assistance. Additionally, by properly maintaining your taps regularly, any future leaks can be avoided altogether. This includes regularly cleaning them, and checking for any signs of wear or damage. In addition, you should always be careful when using your taps, and never use excessive force when turning them on or off.

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